Biotechnologies for lifespan & human performance.


Human3 is an R&D lab. We develop technology products that push the needle on lifespan and human performance.

Launching Q3 2024

100 Water

A science-backed water for lifespan & mitochondrial health.

Use Cases

  • Longevity
  • Chronic Illness
  • Energy
  • Athletic Performance
  • Mental Health
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Oxygenated Light Water

100 Water is the world’s first low-cost oxygenated light water.



2H / Deuterium is an isotope of Hydrogen that has shown to have profound impacts on aging, DNA damage, mental health, tumorous growths, and ATP output.



2.5x concentration of O2 oxygenates tissues within minutes, for mental clarity + physical energy.

Human3’s proprietary process combines these two technologies at low-cost — reducing retail cost 3x and making both viable for the first time.

The Studies

  • Retrospective study found 3x – 7x increase in Median Survival Time in 2,222 cancer patients treated with low-2H water
  • Random Double Blind Phase II Clinical Trial found increase in MST + lifespan extension in prostate cancer patients

Study participants drinking low-2H water:

  • Improved ATP levels in blood 238%
  • Improved Athletic Performance 21% (RDI) – 29% (OI)
  • Cells given TNF-Alpha and low-2H water showed a 29.5% decrease in single-strand DNA breaks from the Control, suggesting an activation of DSB DNA repair.
  • Significantly increased some markers of redox imbalance in blood components (superoxide anion-radical production, catalase, and glutathione peroxidase activities), suggesting mitohormesis. Mitohormesis has increasingly been studied as a therapeutic for aging.
  • Low-2H water ameliorated stress-induced depressive-like changes in mice, comparable to Citalopram SSRI.
  • Several markers of anxiety were reduced in Mice after 3 weeks of low-2H water.

Low-2H water stimulated GLUT4 Translocation in diabetic mice — a key enzyme in the role of blood sugar levels.

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Launching Q4 2024 via invite-only waitlist

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Yin Sleep

A complete formula for REM Sleep + Deep Sleep.

Use Cases

  • REM Sleep
  • Deep Sleep

The Formula

NanoHemp + NanoCBN + YinTerpenes + Magnesium Bisglycinate + L-Theanine + Apigenin

REM Sleep + Deep Sleep

High dosages of key ingredients specifically designed to optimize REM Sleep + Deep Sleep.

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Human3 Wiki

An AI-powered searchable database of key takeaways & protocols from the best minds in health + human performance.

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Biotechnology products that push the needle. Simple to implement into daily life. Biotechnology products that push the needle. Simple to implement into daily life.

Areas of Focus

  • Longevity and Healthspan

    Prevent chronic illness & slow aging, at the cellular level.

  • Sleep

    Improve sleep architecture and circadian rhythm: REM sleep, Deep Sleep, light sleep, total sleep.

  • Mental Health, Performance, Longevity

    Stimulate neuroplasticity, neurogenesis + affect the biological components that underlie mental health.

  • Knowledge

    Synthesize and distill the best information available on health + human performance.

We’re a lean team of scientists and founders based in Austin, TX. Currently seeking Co-Founders with CPG experience & strategic Angels to join the team.